Season Opener: Boys Golf


Photo by Maureen Bies

Boys Golf Team poses for a picture their match

The Lakes Community High School Boys Golf team hit off the season with two wins, one against Antioch High school on Aug 23, and the other against Grant on Aug 24. Each match was won by a couple of points. As the season continues on, the team expects to win every match according to Head Coach, Kyle Naughton.

When the guys go to matches they all have their own individual warm up that they go through according to Naughton.

“To get ready for every match I listen to oldies music,” Varsity player, Tommy Jones said.

While the boys prepare for the season, so does Naughton. As a team, they make goals for themselves and for how they want the rest of the season to play out. They have other goals in addition to going down to Bloomington for the IHSA State meet; they have goals to win the conference.

“This year I hope to make it to Sectionals because I was two strokes away from it last year. As a team we can make it to sectionals because last year we missed the cut by one stroke as a team. We have so much talent this year, we just have to put it all together when it counts,” Jones said.

When the boys practice, they are getting taught some of the best tips out there.

“I pretty much steal from everybody. I’ll take a lot of the stuff I saw Northwestern; their golf team do this past season at practice. A lot of the drills and mini games we set up are straight from Pat Goss and the Northwestern team,” Naughton said.

When it comes down to giving tips to the boys individually it is a different concept. According to Naughton, it depends on the player; if he were to give any criticism it will  be ringing around their heads until the next day. When it comes to the seniors, he knows who’s buttons he can press and who’s he can’t.

The conference tournament for the new NLCC is coming up shortly on Sept. 27. They hope to make it to state this year, according to Naughton. As  head coach, Naughton knows what it feels like to be on a sport as a kid and knows how it feels to have a close relationship with his own coaches.

“I always played sports growing up and I had a bunch of really good coaches that I still have relationships with today. I just think that it’s another opportunity to help out kids and have an impact on their lives,” Naughton said.

The golf season is just beginning and there is more to come. As they continue to go to matches and continue to keep racking up their scores, they will be meeting their goals in no time. They played in a match against one of their bigger rivals, Grayslake Central on Sept. 1.

The team has many goals for the rest of the season. They hope to get to state, but first finish their goal of winning the NLCC. They seem to be ready with all the tips and tricks they get taught. They plan to win and plan to be in Bloomington for state, if all goes according to plan.