Cyber Kids

Cyber Kids

Kaylie Smith, Web Content Manager & Design Coach

Technology has been an ever growing part of the world culture today. As of recently, children are born with screens in their face.

In a grocery store, it’s not uncommon to see a little child holding their parents phone. By the age of two or three, most of this generation can use a tablet, phone or other device better than some adults. Many people think that technology is corrupting kids; but is that true?

The role of guns in video games is a rising culture, and the violence that adolescents are being exposed to at such a young age, never happened in past eras. By seeing this all the time, they may feel an emotional detachment from what’s happening. The news of a shooting isn’t even as impactful to someone as it may have been even ten years ago.

In addition, playing games online allows children to escape from reality. It offers that fun and excitement without having to leave the room.  Going outside and playing with friends used to be the norm. But now, playing Fortnite with other people, possibly strangers, is the new mode of entertainment.

There are many parents who are okay with the new era of technology, while other stand firmly against it. At this point, it’s too early to see the long lasting effects, but for now, technology will continue to spread to most children.