Eating Out on Thanksgiving


Spending approximately ten hours in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day may not seem ideal for every family. That’s why some families are exploring places to eat out on Thanksgiving. 

According to the National Restaurant Association, one in every ten families will be letting a restaurant take care of their cooking this year. Some may see this as pure laziness, but in most cases, families just don’t have the time.

For such a cherished and special holiday, how does one decide where to eat their Thanksgiving meal? Among the families eating out this year, 31 percent will be attending an average and affordable restaurant, 30 percent are going to a ‘special occasion spot’, 21 percent will choose their favorite restaurant, and 18 percent will be branching out to a restaurant they’ve never visited.

As the years progress, it’s becoming more and more common to eat out on this holiday rather than stress all day in the kitchen over one meal. But Whether you’re at home or being served, any Thanksgiving meal surrounded by family is a good Thanksgiving meal.