Soda Addiction: My personal experience


Ever since quarantine has started, the intake of soda that i’ve had has greatly increased. I was never a huge soda drinker before, but now I crave it all the time. Now I see how people become addicted to it so quickly.

I never thought that you could truly feel addicted to soda so fast, but now I feel like I find myself wanting it every single day.

Compared to some other people I know, a can of soda a day is nothing, as some people can drink several cans a day.

Soda contains a large amount of sugar which isn’t good for your health at all, along with many other artificially flavored ingredients. These can lead to a number of health issues like diabetes and other things.

I can easily say that I should start making the switch back to only water as soon as possible. A can of soda every now and then won’t hurt, but drinking it everyday can easily lead to problems.

There’s always fun ways to make water more fun. It can be as simple as adding a lemon, or flavoring it with some of your favorite fruit. Either way, I’m personally going to try and make the healthy decision of leaving soda in the past. Although, with all this new found time on our hands, it will be harder than usual.