Offseason NFL Trades

Over the offseason of the NFL, there are multiple series that have already happened, as well as some  upcoming trades. Many fans are excited for their teams to acquire new players; such excitement includes talk of JJ Watt and Russel Wilson trading to different teams for next season.

Trades that have already happened consist of JJ Watt, Carson Wentz, and more. JJ Watt has signed a contract to team with the Arizona Cardinals for $31 million dollars (with $23 million guaranteed). JJ is able to reunite with previous teammate and friend Deandre Hopkins. Another trade that has already happened was Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts for two draft picks. Another statement recently confirmed Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (ruled out last year) is now named starting quarterback for the Steelers this upcoming season. Russel Wilson is one of the major players at the Seattle Seahawks and is one of the major factors to Seahawks wins. He is a leader and soon to be on another team. The top teams with the chance of acquiring Russel are the Saints, Bears, Cowboys, and Raiders. Many teams are willing to trade multiple first round picks and players to acquire Russell. Currently, it seems that the Saints are the team most likely to get Russel; but, if the Saints acquire Russel, they will be over their salary cap for this year which makes it harder to get new players.

One very serious upcoming trade for this season is quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson has been working on a trade since the previous seasons for the Texans has ended. Deshaun has been stuck in a stalemate with the Texans. Many believe either he will stay with the Texans or there will be a trade that the Texans seem to benefit them. Watson threatens to sit out the whole 2021 season costing him and both the Texans very large amounts of money: almost $20 million each. The crazy part is Texans are willing to let Deshaun Watson sit out the entire 2021-2022 season. To the Texans, this may be a horrible idea, as they will more than likely go 0-16 or close to that due to loss of talent from their roster, with Deandre Hopkins traded in 2020, and the most recent trade of JJ Watt to the Cardinals. Many think Deshaun will trade but he will trade for multiple first round picks for the next few upcoming drafts. There are many conspiracies for how Deshaun will be traded if he will be traded at all over this offseason. 

This offseason has been interesting with the current situation of veterans and stars being traded to different teams. Some situations went smooth while others are looking at fines costing them over $20 million dollars due to their trading situation. This offseason has been crazy and the actual season will be exciting.