Valentines Day- Neutral


It is that time of year again, Valentine’s Day! That week-long period where everything is red and pink, hearts are decorated all over the place, and where we are encouraged to love the ones around us. While some find this day to be very important, others hate this day with a passion, and like me, some people are indifferent.

Many see Valentine’s day as just a corporate holiday meant only for big corporations to make money. They see cheap cards and boxes of chocolates as a way to lazily say I love you. reported that “A survey by the National Retail Federation shows Valentine’s Day 2019 will be the most expensive one yet. They found Americans will spend on average $161.96 each to lavish their loved ones. That’s up almost $20, about 13 percent in just a year. The average in 2018 was $143.56.” In my opinion, that is money that could be used towards other things to show your appreciation for others. But who am I to say what people should spend their money on, clearly people enjoy big teddy bears and candy so what is the harm?

Another reason some hate the day is the question of ‘why not just show love every day, why do we need a day?’ While I agree with that statement, I do think that Valentine’s Day is something fun that couples can look forward to. Maybe they don’t always have time to go out to a nice restaurant and dress up fancy; Valentine’s day, therefore, is something special and a change of pace. For people without a significant other, though, it can be a constant reminder they do not have someone in their life to show love to so I can see the frustration there.

Overall I see it as just another day in the year. The day of love will pass and we will all move on and wait another 365 days for its return.