Super Bowl LV Predictions

Super Bowl LV Predictions


Superbowl LV will be the first of its kind due to COVID. But who will make it there, what makes them special, and most importantly who is going to win?


On Sunday January 24, two games were played to determine  the 2 teams that would  battle it out for the title of  superbowl champion. The AFC Championship game featured the Chiefs against  The Bills int Kansas City. This game consisted of the AFC East champions’, the Bills, who ended their season 13-3 against AFC West champions Kansas City Chiefs, who were 14-2 going into the AFC Championship. After a rough start for the Chiefs and Bills leading into the 2nd quarter with 9 points, the Chiefs came back scoring 3 touchdowns in one quarter while the Bills could only score 3. Going into 3rd quarter Bills again could only score 3 while the Chiefs were able to score 10. The last quarter Bills were able to score 9 ending with 24 while Chiefs were able to score 7 and become this year’s AFC Champion twice in a row ending their championship game with 38 points.


The NFC Championship consisted  of the highly popular brand new Buccaneers team, and the very consistent Green Bay Packers. Green Bay has had a very successful career on the  whole with their great leaders and quarterbacks. Going into the game, Green Bay was favored to win the game. The Buccaneers’s record going into the game was 14-5, and Green Bay went into the game with a record 14-4. The 1st quarter Buccaneers were the only ones to score, leading into 2nd quarter 7-0. The 2nd quarter Buccaneers were able to score 14 while Green Bay scored 10. The 3rd quarter Green Bay scored 13 while Buccaneers scored 7. In the 4th quarter both Green Bay and Buccaneers both scored 3 points. Ending the game, the Buccaneers win 31-26. This game has caused a very big controversy with the avid NFL community due to a late pass interference/holding call on Green Bay. What was wrong about this call is it was late. If the call was not made it would have been Green Bay’s ball but due to this call it was the Buccaneers. This flag caused the game to now be unwinnable by Green Bay letting Buccaneers win and will now play in the Superbowl against the Chiefs.


Super Bowl LV will  take place Sunday, February 7 at The Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida the first time ever in Superbowl history for a team to compete for the Superbowl at home. Competing in the Superbowl will be arguably the 2 most hyped teams of both NFC and AFC The Kansas City Chiefs, and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa will be leading this game with a pretty big advantage as they will be playing at their home field. This game will more than likely consist of the Kansas City Chiefs winning because in a previous game against the Buccaneers, Chiefs had won 27-24. This is not the craziest win, but I believe with the pressure they have shown during the Bills game, they will bring their A game and be able to clinch the Superbowl to make it 2 in a row. My score prediction is 31-27.


Super Bowl LV is going to be very different than the past years, only being able to carry 20-25% occupancy in the stadium. As we have seen all year, fans are a crucial part to playing football as it makes the players more conscious and stressed when fans are there. This game will be very exciting as we see young talent, Patrick Mahomes, and old talent, Tom Brady duke it out for a superbowl title.