Energy Without the Help from Sugar and Caffeine

Many of us have found ourselves in the trap of caffeine dependence. Morning Dunkin’ Donuts runs and raiding gas stations for energy drinks has become the “norm” for many high school students. 

A 16 oz. can of Red Bull contains 52 grams of sugar, which is nearly the same amount as 11 Oreo cookies. The effects of these drinks are also short lived and only last for about an hour before there’s a sugar crash effect, leaving you feeling worse than before. 

Healthier drinks, such as kombucha and green tea, seem like a sham when trying to make the change, but they could make a huge difference physically and financially. Buying a drink for $3.00 every day adds up when home brewing tea or making a smoothie is nearly costless. 

Overall, drinks such as green tea, green juice, smoothies, and even water, can help boost nutrients that contribute to feeling awake all day without the added calories and sugar.