Restaurant Review – Lazy Dog

With the addition of Mellody Farms to the Vernon Hills area, New restaurants have been added to the scene giving locals new places to eat on any occasion.

One of the restaurants added is the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar.

The restaurant is a family-friendly place to eat with food for everyone.

The menu features all types of food from burgers and salad to Chinese food and fish.

The restaurant is a place to go for lunch or dinner as well as brunch on certain occasions.

Lazy Dog has a calming aesthetic while you wait for you food, which won’t be long. The wait staff is kind and prompt when working and you will not be disappointed.

Another unique feature of this place is that you can sit outside on the covered patio with a fire to stay warm. And in the spirit of the Lazy Dog, you can bring your dog with you! (If you plan on sitting outside on this secluded area.)

So whenever you need a new place to go – check out Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar!