Restaurant Review – Bobby’s at Deerfield

Bobby’s at Deerfield was a well rounded fine dining experience. About 40 minutes away, Booby’s hada wide variety of food. From salads and soups to pastas and meats, there are many options for people to expand their taste buds with.

My family started with appetizers of calamari and foie gra to tide us over before our meal. Our drinks were constantly refilled by the high presence of waiters that made sure our needs were met.

Our waiter visited the table many times to check in and answer any questions. When he gave us the specials he listed off five meals each with descriptions in the flavor, how they were cooked and what they taste good with.

I ordered a veal gnocchi dish with vodka sauce, and no one in my family got the same thing. We had fish, pasta, a filet and even a burger for my younger sister.

Throughout our delicious meal, our service was always there to meet our needs. The food was bursting with flavor and was very filling, we had leftovers to look forward to the next day!

After our meal we thought there was no room for dessert, but it doesn’t hurt to look at the menu of course.

The dessert menu ranged from italian delights to cakes and ice creams. The plating was sophisticated and made me glad I got something. My sister devoured her chocolate cake and my parents tiramisu was made perfectly. My lemon sorbet was even served inside a clean, frozen lemon – a great idea to use in the future.

Bobby’s was aesthetically pleasing and provided an overall great experience that I would highly recommend for everyone when looking for a nice yet casual place to eat and enjoy their night.