Rant on the School Water Fountains

Kelly Scheuring, A&E Editor

As a teenager and always being on the go, we need to stay awake and hydrated. Being a student, we are constantly doing homework or having to read or write papers and it’s sometimes a struggle to drink water and stay hydrated 24/7.

I am constantly drinking water. Before school, I will fill up my water bottle with lots of ice and then water. By 4th period I have usually drank it all and I want to fill my bottle again. Yet on many occasions I’m unable to fill my bottle because the fountains water is warm. Now, I do know that room temperature water is good for you. It helps your metabolism be faster and quenches your thirst easier. But when I am dying for a nice cold sip of water and I can’t get it because our water fountains are filled with bath water, it’s a little upsetting.

Also the water fountains that have the water bottle filler are in inconvenient places. We only have three that allow you to set your water bottle down and fill it up to the top. Two of them are on the middle floor, one by the first green hallway and the other by the athletic office where students rarely visit. Our third fountain is on the lowest level by the cranberry hallway.

These fountains are in areas that are  most congested with students making them hard to get to. Some students don’t even get the chance to go down stairs at all during the day. Some students graze by the middle floor fountain not even bothering to stop because of the long line.

All of our other fountains only have the spout to drink from. If you try to fill up your water bottle there it will usually spill down the side, not fill up all the way, or not fit in the area. Most of the fountains will constantly have a long line and will take most of the passing period. It’s especially the worst when your class is in the math hallway and you’re in the line to fill up your water bottle by the green hallway.

I try as hard as possible to not let this affect the way my day goes but it has a big impact on me. I always want to be hydrated and have water by my side. So let’s make this clear, we really should get colder water and more fountains for our young bodies to drink from.