WWYD: Locked In the School

Mya Pfeifer, Social Media Coordinator

Talon Times wondered WWYD if you were stuck in the school overnight. This is what the students of Lakes had to say.


Hannah Morway: “I’d throw a party in the commons”


Michael Torres: “Eat food in the commons and sleep #thuglyfe”


Evelyn O’Brien: “Raid the cafeteria for mozzarella sticks”


Jeff Nielsen: “I would probably find a way to unlock the vending machines as my main source of food. I would go to the weight room and get a good lift in and possibly play some basketball. I’d obviously have the water fountains for water and bathrooms are available everywhere. I’d also use the computers in the commons to watch Netflix until I was tired enough to fall asleep on one of the couches.”


Siara Magee: “Go see the solar panels on the roof”


Nathan Oppenheim: “Hack into the system and change my grades”


Troy Kraly: “I wouldn’t be mad. I’d probably be so hungry oh my God. I think it’d kind of be fun.”


Laszlo Horvath: “I’d probably try to find the third floor pool”


Megan Fish: “Cry.”


Devin Abell: “I would dress up as Kevin Kullby and make a classroom full of dummies and pretend to teach the class as him.”