Let’s Talk Health: Gatorade Vs. Pedialyte

Abby Vanderwall, Editor In Chief


Gatorade has recently been added as an option in our very own school cafeteria. Pedialyte has been around for a while, mainly used to help children rehydrate after illness. Both are excellent sources of electrolytes and subsequently ensure rehydration, but should we take account how much added sugar and empty calories are in each beverage?



Gatorade is advertised as a sports drink meant to rehydrate and replenish the body after an intense workout. The addition of electrolytes potassium and sodium help to hydrate the body by signaling the kidneys not to urinate all of the water stored up. With that, since it is a sports drink, it contains more carbohydrates, sugars and calories to aid in physical endurance.



Pedialyte was invented in order to help children recover from illness. Its methods of rehydrating are similar to that of Gatorade, with the reviving electrolytes, however Pedialyte does not contain all of the added sugars and empty calories.