Camryn Jones: IHSA Sectionals meet


Jen Jones

Camryn Jones during the IHSA Sectionals meet, lining up to hit the ball

Kelly Scheuring, A&E Editor

Girls Golf coach of eight years, Rebecca Schilz was able to have one of her own golfers make it to sectionals. Sophomore, Camryn Jones was the only girl golfer to make it this year. Schilz and Jones took Friday, Oct. 7 and used it as a day to practice and to get Jones’ skills set and ready.

As a young golfer, Jones’ biggest motivator is her brother, Tommy Jones, who is on the Boys Golf team. According to Jones, her brother is her inspiration for joining golf.

“Even though I have Tommy, I wouldn’t be where I am without the support from my teammates and the skills my coach has taught me,” Jones said.

When Schilz heard that Jones had made it to Sectionals, she couldn’t have been more proud. According to Schilz, she was more than fortunate to have spent time with her golfers and Jones, who has made a special place in her heart. Although as a team, they were overcome with all the new players that joined. Several of the new players had little experience playing the game and they worked hard to get to the point of enjoying the game and understanding all that goes into improving according to Schilz.

“Although I had the largest team in my tenure as a coach, I would say this group of young ladies were so genuine and sweet to each other, it was a pleasure to be a part of,” Schilz said.

As Jones headed into the competition, she experienced a whole new world of golf. The new experience was exciting yet nerve racking according to Jones.

“I’m nervous to play with new girls I’ve never played with before yet I’m excited for the new experience since I have never been there,” Jones said.  

As for Jones’ career in golf, Schilz thinks very highly of her. The conversations Schilz has with Jones about life and her extracurricular activities remind Schilz how lucky she is to be apart of her life.

“I have watched her over the last two years, dedicate every extra second she has to bettering herself as an athlete, a person, and a friend. I have always been proud of who Camryn is as a person, but watching her work as hard as she has with golf, has allowed me to see her bright future with this sport,” Schilz said.

“She is well on her way to continue to improve her golf game and play at the collegiate level if she chooses that path. I see Camryn crossing the Sectional line next season and continuing to make those around her better and achieve all that is in them,” Schilz said.

For this season Schilz was able to spend her days with a group of girls who are respectful, compassionate, and encouraging to others.

“I feel blessed to be able to be a part of their lives as they navigate through this tough time in adolescence. I hope they enjoy my presence as much as I do theirs,” Schilz said.