People of Lakes: Lilly Bystrek

Lilly, 17 about to turn 18 is one of the older people in her grade. Bystrek is a senior at Lakes community highschool. She is funny, nice, and an easy person to talk to. 

Bystrek used to go to Milburn for middle school before she came to Lakes for highschool. Before middle school she went to elementary school and her favorite project she did was a geography clay project. It’s hard to tell if she likes school yet she says “depends on the day”.

 Lilly’s idea of relaxation is watching movies. She watches movies whenever she has spare time. she would love to try skydiving, because that’s something she’s never done before. She also would like to travel to Europe. Bystrek favorite thing about herself is her style. 

She loves her style so much that she wants to become a fashion designer or even a famous painter. Lilly’s opinion on kids today is that they should really “shut up” and adults “need to be more relaxed.” Lilly sees the world in a positive way, because she says ”there are so many things that haven’t been discovered yet”. Lilly Bystrek is an overall positive person and just wants to try and see all these new things.