People of Lakes: Julia Veres

The 17 year old guitarist, Julia Veres, is obsessed with F1 cars and has a need for speed. Currently a senior at Lakes, she has always had a passion for writing. Veres enjoys her time at school, but she can’t believe how the four years “went by so fast”. 

Julia Veres was born on the fourth of June in 2005 in the mountainous state of Colorado. It was in 2010 where she and her family moved to Illinois. The 17 year old last attended Millburn Middle School in Lindenhurst. Veres has lived with her mom, dad, and sister since birth. Her 12 year old dog Coco has been with them since they moved. 

Veres has been a guitarist for 10 years. One of her favorite things to do is play guitar in her room. Viewing the world in a positive light, Veres likes to see the good in people and is a strong believer in second chances. 

Hoping to become an F1 engineer, Julia has always been fascinated by the cars. Her dream one day is to be driven around in an F1 car. Calling herself “weird”, Veres is packed with personality and has many talents.