People of Lakes: Dorian Mendoza

Dorian Mendoza may seem quiet on the outside, but he has a colorful and creative personality. He is passionate about one day becoming a graphic designer, but for now needs to get used to high school. “Some of my classes are confusing” he says when asked if he likes school so far. Even with all the confusing classes, his sense of positivity is helping him make his way through. 

Mendoza is a a new student at Lakes coming from Palombi Middle School. He is from a huge and complicated family. Despite the fact that his family can be dramatic at times, he says that his favorite family memory is fishing with his dad and uncle. 

When not trying to catch a few extra minutes of sleep, Mendoza can probably be found playing Smash Bros on his nintendo switch. He also enjoys being in warm weather, wishing to travel to someplace tropical like Hondorus where he has visited in the past. He said that had a nice trip, but had a hard time understanding some of the slang used by locals. “It was really confusing,” he says.

Mendoza may highly dislike rude people, but he is still able to see the good in the world. He thinks that adults these days need to loosen up a little and that kids need to get off of technology. He sees the world in a positive light, saying that “even with bad things going on, there is still good people.”