People of Lakes: Emma Mehnert

Emma has a kind heart. This senior says that she would like to learn sign language and that she “feel[s] like [she] understands people.” But this isn’t all to her, born in 2005, Lake Villa, IL. Emma has had a lot of experiences from being their tall, creative, and chaotic self. While Emma is a chaotic individual, she likes to be involved in many things such as theater. 

“I’ve done costumes for 4 years now…and I’m on the executive board this year.” Replied the senior.

Having acted for 7 years now, Emma is very involved in theatre.  She looks at the world in both a positive and negative way because  “sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad and we can’t ignore it.” They imagine themselves in a place like London or Scotland because it “has nice vibes,”  instead of living in Lake Villa like they have their whole life. Having 5 siblings, Emma has had a very big childhood which led to their interests for other things. 

In their free time, Emma likes to draw and sing. Having the relaxing dream of  “drawing and listening to music at night.” She loves that she can be creative in many ways other than drawing. Like how one of her favorite food combinations is an apple wrapped with chicken, she explains it as being “[her] brother who dared [her] to try it.” However, one thing that is not their favorite is loud breathing, describing it as a way to ruin her mood, they hate it.

However, Emma has hopes for the future. Hoping that kids and adults will get more educated on humanity as a whole. When they graduate, they plan on going to a school for graphic design though if they had the choice they would love to be in a “traveling circus.” Only having an “ok school life,” Emma is excited for the future.