People of Lakes: Savannah Gibbs

Eric Goode, Intern

If there were one place in the world to live, it would most definitely be Canada for Freshman, Savannah. 

“It seems better,” Savannah states, and would much rather live there than in the US.

Over one million people who live in Canada claim full or partial Polish ethnicity, therefore if there were another language Savannah could speak fluently she said polish, due to her family’s polish background. 

Savannah sees the world in both a positive and negative light, saying how kids need to “go outside more” and for adults to “understand more.” She also states how humans have done a lot of bad but also a lot of good to the Earth’s climate. 

Savannah enjoys hanging out with friends and going to work. Savannah mentioned how she likes her work ethic and ability to get work done. 

However, the only work Savannah doesn’t like is any school work, saying that some of her most challenging times in life were going back to school every year.

“It’s alright,” the former Palombi student said about the very young school year. One of her favorite projects she did in school a little while back was her class did an egg drop to see how well they could protect an egg from dropping off of bleachers at her old school.

Another thing Savannah hates is when people chew with their mouths open, as it is very unhygienic and rude. She also hates her habit of biting her nails.

However, Savannah mentioned a couple of things she liked, such as her music, and book. Her favorite music type is hip-hop. Her favorite artist is Waterparks, and her favorite book is “They Both Die at the End.”

Savannah says she has a lot of aspirations later down in life. Her main goal, however, is to become a professional cook, and hopefully travel the world and make beautiful food someday.