Lakes vs The Pros: 2021 World Series Predictions


Katie Popp

It’s that time of year again: haunted houses, hot cider, pumpkin patches… and October baseball. 

With the 2021 MLB regular season coming to a close as October began, the postseason and fight for the World Series title has officially begun. Many fans have also started to make their predictions about what team will be this year’s champion. CBS Sports (partnered with Caesar’s Playbook) viewed team statistics as well as fan-favored teams to ultimately predict who this year’s top teams will be. The Houston Astros are predicted to represent the American League and the Los Angeles Dodgers for the National League, with the San Francisco Giants and Tampa Bay Rays in a close second. The predicted champions are the Los Angeles Dodgers. Since 2017, the Dodgers have been present in all postseason series, and after their strong season this year, many fans speculate they will not disappoint. 

What do Lakes students and staff say about the upcoming World Series? In a survey, students and staff were asked to predict which team from the American and National League will play in the World Series as well as the overall champion. For the American League, the fan-favorite was the Chicago White Sox, who earned 39% of the vote, followed closely by the Tampa Bay Rays (24.4%) and Boston Red Sox (19.5%). The Milwaukee Brewers and San Francisco Giants were tied for National League champion at 34%, with the Los Angeles Dodgers being the next favorite (19.5). Overall, Lakes students and staff predict that the Chicago White Sox will win the 2021 World Series with a 22% vote, and the San Francisco Giants (19.5%) to also be a possible champion.

Now we wait: Will national networks and nationwide fans predict the winner, or will Lakes Eagles soar to the top?