Quotes from Incoming Freshman to Rising Seniors


Katie Popp, Co-Editor In Chief

With the class of 2021 leaving Lakes Community High School to begin their next journey, the class of 2025 is soon to embark on their high school journey. With the current state of our world today, the incoming freshmen have not received the same inductions as previous classes had- for example, the open house for students to learn about the activities and sports Lakes offers as well as an overall feel for the building. That being said, three incoming freshmen (Katie Kingsbury, Maggie Popp, and Meredith Rial) shared their biggest goals for themselves and future classmates, fears about the transition, as well as questions for current students.

What are you most looking forward to about high school? Biggest goal you would like to set for yourself and your rising class?

MR: “I am most looking forward to hopefully being on the dance team.The goal I have set for myself is to get all A’s and possibly B’s all year. The goal I have for my class is that we all get along and work hard collectively.

MP: “I am most looking forward to the new variety of classes and the new people I am going to meet. My biggest goal for myself is not to get lost and my goal for my rising class is to be a close and connected group who can rely on each other when necessary.” 

KK: “I am most looking forward to experiencing new people and opportunities like sports and extras like cooking. The goal is I just want everyone to be safe and nice to each other in the new school year.”

What are you most nervous about?

MR: “I am most nervous about getting to my classes on time and getting good grades.”

MP: “I am most nervous about starting fresh at a completely new, much bigger place with new people. I am nervous I will get lost or go into the wrong classroom.”

KK: “I am most nervous about being at a new school and seeing how all the teachers are.”

What questions do you have for current students? Anything you would like before school starts this fall?

MP: Are there any tips for getting around easier, for being on time, or just things to look out for during passing periods?

KK: What do the others suggest for keeping up with the classes?

As a rising senior, I can remember being really nervous about the transition from my small middle school to a large high school environment. One of the best parts of starting at a new school, however, was I got to decide on the person I wanted to be; a new start. 

I was also worried about the passing periods and finding my classes on time. I’ll be honest- it is a little difficult to find your classes at first. One thing my friends and I did to help us get around easier was making our schedules our backgrounds. This way, you can still navigate your way around the school easily. The five-minutes during passing periods are longer than you think; my best suggestion would be to take advantage of the stair cases at the end of the hallways since the main staircase can get pretty crowded. The passing periods are also a really useful time to use the restroom or fill your water so you do not miss class time or to catch up with a friend. 

If you do get lost, don’t be afraid to ask another student or teacher- at one point, they were in the same position. As for classes, it can seem very overwhelming at first. 

My best suggestion is to keep a list of everything on your phone or a piece of paper. If you stay on top of the work, it won’t add up as fast. I would also take advantage of study hall- you can get a lot done in those 20-25 minutes. 

With the 2021 school year drawing to a close, it will be great to have a normal school year again in the fall as well as a new group of students joining our school community.