Review of 2011 Sports



Sports over this 2020-2021 season have felt different than previous years. Many are used to going out and seeing their favorite teams play at their home stadium and due to regulations and rules many do not get to cheer on their teams in person. Never in 10 years did we ever think this was going to become a reality. When thinking back to the time previous of Covid, we like to think about what has changed in sports and who were the champions of each sport. 

Football, arguably the most beloved sport in America, has had many crazy moments over the past 10 years. Super Bowl XLVI took place at The Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, The New York Giants vs the New England Patriots. The Giants 9-7 were able to clutch the Super Bowl from the Patriots 13-3, crowning Eli Manning as MVP. The 2011 Draft class was also one of the craziest draft classes over the past decade. The 2011 draft class consisted of Cam Newton, JJ Watt, Julio Jones and many more. These were some of the craziest players to play over the past years. Two of the most well known and legendary offensive players retired in 2011; One of the most famous and best to ever do it is QB Brett Farve who was originally part of the Green Bay packers but would go on to play a few more seasons with other teams. The second person to retire was arguably the best wide receiver to ever play, Randy Moss famously known for playing for the Vikings and Patriots.

Basketball had another crazy year as Miami won against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The first game Oklahoma won 105-94. Second game Heat won 100-96. Miami won again 91-85. Miami won again 104-98. Miami won 121-106 finishes the games 4-1 winning the NBA Championship having Lebron James as MVP. The 2011 NBA Draft class housed some of the NFL’s top players having Kawahi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, and Klay Thompson as some of the first round picks. Retirements in basketball consisted of one of the greatest, Saquille O’Neal, and one of the tallest players, Yao Ming, whose height was at 7 foot 6 inches .

Finally, baseball, the sport that contests with Football as America’s favorite. The St Louis Cardinal won the World Series over the Texas Rangers. The World Series consisted of a 7 games series with Cardinal winning game one 3-2 Texans winning, game two 2-1 Cardinal winning, game three 16-7 Texas winning game four 4-0, and five 4-2 then Cardinal winning both game 6 10-9 and 7 6-2. David Freese winning MVP. MLB also consisted of a draft that would name some of the best players to play, but this draft consisted of one player who would be drafted 5th round that would play better than most. Mookie Bets was drafted in the fifth round but many say that if the draft could be redone no questions asked Mookie would be a first round pick. Some of the names to come from this draft would be Mookie Betts, Garret Cole and Francisco Lindor. Many more also would play and become well known in today’s era as some of the greatest players to play. Some retirements for MLB consisted of Manny Rameriz who unexpectedly retired after failing to agree with the drug testing rules that would be added to the MLB. Another would be Andy Pinette who will become a MLB Hall of Fame player. Without a doubt, he is one of the most consistent and stellar players at pitcher.

Sports in 2011 was very impactful to the sports today by very important drafts, retirements and games that would forever change the future of these sports.