The Comeback

Overcoming adversity, Lakes secures their second consecutive NLCC title. After a rough start to their season, the Lakes Boys Basketball Team became a new team… Ultimately earning a back-to-back conference title.
Varsity Team Picture - Media Day
Varsity Team Picture – Media Day
Abby Gedville

The Lakes Community High School basketball team had a season with lots of highs and lows, dealing with tough times and good moments. Overall, they finished with a 14-16 record, but in the Northern Lake County Conference (NLCC), they did great, winning 11 out of 14 games to take home the conference title for the second year in a row. This proves they never lost hope, fighting through the tough times to end the season on a high.

The season began tough, as the team struggled only winning 5 out of their first 14 games. Coach Snyder had a talk with the team on how they wanted to end the season. That speech boosted the team’s confidence in the second half of the season winning 9 out of 10 games, showing everyone that they were a serious team to contend with.

Senior Forward, Jimmy Kania, an important player on the team, looked back on the season, describing it as a blend of difficulties and victories. “The season has been alright,” Kania mentioned. He credited their improvement to a change in attitude, saying, “We had nothing to lose in the second half of the season and we began to play with more energy.” This new way of thinking drove their achievements and pushed them closer to their objectives.

Senior Guard, JJ Jackson echoed what Kania said, stressing how united and determined the team was to win. “Everything clicked at the end,” said Jackson. “We did what we had to do to win conference.” Jackson pointed out that beating Grant was a big moment for them, boosting their confidence in what they could achieve.

Senior Guard Thomas Mercure stressed how vital team chemistry was for their comeback.

“We simply bonded more as a team”

— Senior Guard Thomas Mercure

said Mercure. “As we grew closer as a team, everyone of us got better, all thanks to the chemistry we built during practice.” This closeness directly led to Lakes’ success on the court and was a big part of an impressive winning streak.

Even though Lakes tied for the conference title with Antioch and Central, some of the team members feel a bit disappointed. “Sharing it with Antioch kinda sucks,” Jackson admitted, “but hey, at least we still came out on top in the conference.”

Looking back on the season, every player found things they wanted to work on. Kania wished for another shot at Antioch, thinking it could’ve changed how things went. Jackson wished they’d started stronger, with the same energy they had later on. Mercure talked about how he grew throughout the season, saying he got past his nerves and became a better part of the team.

In the end, while the Eagles fell short in the regional playoffs against Fenton Basketball, losing to a buzzer beater in a close game (41-39). The Eagles’ season was all about bouncing back, working together, and never giving up. As they think about the future, they can be proud of their efforts, knowing that they left everything on the court and grew stronger as a team because of it.

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