JJ Jackson cutting down the net after winning conference
JJ Jackson cutting down the net after winning conference
Sam Klug

Chasing Assists

Jaden Jackson is on the road to becoming one of the top five for assists in one season, after breaking the single game assist record.

Number five, our starting point guard at Lakes, also known as “JJ” Jackson, has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember. Jackson has been playing at Lakes for the past four years, with his last two years being on varsity, and this year securing a starting position.

Jackson’s career as a point guard didn’t start at Lakes, “[I’ve been playing] for as long as I could remember, probably since I was able to walk,” Jackson said. Whether it was from his AAU seasons or Antioch Upper Grade School, it’s pretty clear that he has been honing in on these skills for the majority of his life and it shows through his gameplay on the court.

As a point guard, you have to be a leader, whether it’s driving to the basket, or giving your teammate a good look and helping to set them up for a potential game winning shot. Being able to have this skill and know when to pass up a shot is key for a team victory. “I have good court vision so I know when to pass my teammates the ball and get them good looks,” Jackson said.

Jackson is currently on the road to securing a top five spot for the season assist record which is currently set at 160 assists in a season. “I don’t have the stats [from] last night, but it’s probably somewhere between like 120 and 130,” the varsity Coach Chris Snyder said.

This would put Jackson in the position of needing 30 rebounds with two games left in the season to secure the record.

Despite this being a difficult task for Jackson and his teammates, he believes it is obtainable. “It’s definitely possible but I will really have to force the issue and rely on my teammates getting them the best open looks that they can,” Jackson said.

Though this might not be obtainable for Jackson to secure within the next 2 games, even getting into the top five for any record is still a serious accomplishment. Him getting as close as he is, is definitely something that Jackson and his team will remember for years to come.

Jackson’s career at lakes has been one he will remember when he looks back at his career in sports. His love and dedication for the sport has helped shape him into the powerful athlete he is today.

Although he is not planning on taking basketball with him to college, he does have another sport he loves and is successful in. With the winter basketball season soon coming to a close, he’s getting back to baseball. Go look for him out on the baseball field, and cheer him on in the spring!

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