Movie Review: Get Out

Kelly Scheuring, A&E Editor

*Slight Spoiler*


The idea of meeting your partner’s parents is usually terrifying for people. I know that, being a shy and quiet person, meeting new people isn’t something I like to do, especially when they do not like me.  


In the newly released thriller, “Get Out”, the main character and his girlfriend go to meet her parents for the first time. About 45 minutes into the movie is when the “scary” part actually kicked in. It was mostly more suspenseful parts rather than pop up type things, which was nice. But as I continued to watch this movie, I realized how much I did not like it. The plot line was all over the place and nothing really scary happened. When I go and pay to see a thriller/horror movie, I suspect to get what I paid for.


This movie was slightly showing racism but at the same time it wasn’t. Sure the family was weird towards the boyfriend when meeting him but they didn’t “act” racist. It was a privileged white family that had a lot of money and a nice house that came with many acres of land; also 2 African American workers. The family gave off the impression that the workers were for their recently deceased parents but really they captured them and brainwashed them. Which they planned to do the the boyfriend, but like always, he killed them and got out.


Throughout the movie, all I could think was”what in the world is happening.” The actors themselves were great at what they did, they showed emotion and really brought their characters alive. Although the actors were good, the plot was not. There were random scenes that didn’t even relate anywhere close to what the movie was about. They had a couple of parts where the main character was just walking about and not doing anything; which could have just been filler parts. Obviously there were some really good parts like when the boyfriend found out that his girlfriend was crazy and that she killed all of the boyfriends she has had. Other than that, the filler parts should just slightly relate to the movie.


In the end, it expected what I thought it was going to be. The family died and the guy got away; something that continuously happens in thriller movies. I wished I could say I liked this movie, but I cannot say I did. To me, it was lacking many parts that I would have wanted to see. If I were to rate this out of 10, I would give it a 5.5 out of 10. This movie was nice to see on a Tuesday for 5 dollars but if you are like me and really look for a deeper meaning in movies, I say no to seeing it. But if you are going just to say that you saw it, then go ahead and see it; it had comedy, gore and unsuspected parts to make your heart race.