Favorite memories from Cheer


There’s always a lot of memories made during the fall sports season. Oddly enough, for the Lakes cheer team, their favorite memory was Minion Night. “The homecoming game [was my favorite memory] because we won, and I got asked to homecoming after the game,” junior Ava Bullock said. Others liked the games with lots of energy. “[My favorite game] was the first game of the year because the energy was just there.” said Junior Haleigh Lettau. And others like exciting endings “[My favorite game] was probably the Grant game because everybody was just so excited, especially winning that we didn’t expect.” Also by Junior Kaylee Knaack.
Every person and team all have their own personal pre-game ritual. Some are more odd than others. “For the [pre-game ritual] I take me and four other cheerleaders to Target and Crumble pretty much every week,” said Bullock. Others on the team do other things for away games on the bus “[The pregame ritual] is singing before “He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood on the bus to our away games.” says Lettau. The Lakes cheer team also likes to blast their music before games, says Knaack “We go in a box car and we blast “Stir Fry.” Lakes cheer knows how to get themselves and get the fans hyped for the football games.
Out of all the memories made over the fall season you would be surprised by some of the cheer teams favorite memories, “My favorite memory is probably getting yelled at by coach Andre because I’m the only one who gets yelled at ” said Bullock. From the cheer team getting yelled at by their coach to walking down in the parade for game days, Lettau said “My favorite memory would probably be the parades going into the games. I think they’re so fun being with the band”. And others on the team’s favorite memories are watching the fans show lots of support and the football team dominating on the field “My favorite memory is probably watching everyone in the stands cheer at the games, especially homecoming when we won 55-0 against Round Lake” says Knaack. The fall sports seasons will always bring lots of memories that all athletes and students will remember forever.