Lakes Baseball: From 1st to Home

Lakes started their season by going to Vernon Hills, where they were defeated by merely one run in a game that ended 2-1. A crushing defeat is not the way any team looks to start their season.
The importance of how losses are taken by a team is one of the most crucial parts of a team’s season. The question everyone wondered was whether or not this loss would depict the rest of the season.
While Lakes lost their first game, the result of it may be the best part of the season. The loss allowed them to pinpoint what they had done wrong and focus on certain areas that required improvement.
The Eagles’ next game against McHenry was canceled, resulting in more time for the team to recover from their loss. It gave them more time to work on the flaws they found in their first game and more time to prepare for their next game against Woodstock North.
Lakes decimated the Thunder (Woodstock North) in a 12-4 victory. The team looked great, taking everything they did well in the first game with them and creating so many more positives along the way.
According to a few players, the loss “encouraged players to work harder and was a big turning point for some people’s mentality.” The loss wasn’t due to a lack of skill, but a “lack of communication.”
After fixing the source of the problem, there’s a lot of high expectations players have given their team. While they may have had a rocky start, the Eagles plan to soar their way to the playoffs.