NBA’s Upcoming Season Prediction

Jack Engel, Section Editor

Annnnnnnddddddd, just like that, the NBA is back on December 22. However, in more recent news, the NBA draft is this week. Leading the first five picks are 1.Minnesota Timberwolves, 2. Golden State Warriors, 3.Charlotte Hornets, 4.Chicago Bulls, 5.Clevland Cavilers. The first pick is expected to go to one LaMelo Ball, brother to current New Orleans Pelicans guard, Lonzo Ball. Coming in at 6’8, 180 pounds, LaMelo Ball is an extremely talented guard, who can nail tre’s from well behind the three-point line, his playmaking skills like no other, and can rebound like a forward. LaMelo Ball is a triple-threat problem, LaMelo Ball is expected to join all-star teammates, D’Angelo Russell and Karl Anthony Towns, at the Timberwolves organization. 

Speaking of organizations, the NBA is expected to be very competitive in this coming year, as many teams have groups of superstar players. Here, in this compiled list, reads my top three picks to win the 2021 NBA championship

  • L.A Lakers- The Los Angles Lakers are a very strong number one pick, as the organization is coming off their championship win this year. The skillset between the duo of LeBron James and recently resigned Anthony Davis creates a serious problem for any team when playing against. This asks the question, why can’t they repeat success?
  • Brooklyn Nets-  Making a strong case for the championship are the Brooklyn Nets. Speaking of really dangerous duo’s, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving lead the Nets talent ranking. Both Kevin and Kyrie are coming off injuries and are hungry for dubs. As the duo has never played together, the possibilities are endless for the two all-stars and Nets!
  • Miami Heat- Finally, we got the Miami Heat! Similar to the Lakers, Miami was in the championship this year. The off-season has given Jimmy Butler and his group of young rookies time to fix any kinks the team had during the past season. If the Heat can come back with the same hunger for the chip, then they are a threat to anyone in their way!