Please Stop Hastily Celebrating Holidays

Please Stop Hastily Celebrating Holidays

Sebastian Buchman

At the start of September, when the timely holiday is Labor Day, for some unholy reason stores like Michael’s and Walmart feel obligated to start putting Christmas-themed decorations and seasonal items on shelves.


Is it really what we need as a society to constantly hype up the next big holiday season months in advance instead of celebrating what’s going on right now? It constantly capitalizes on every possible opportunity to make a profit off of nervous craft makers that want to get those brand new Christmas stickers to get to work on the family scrapbook as soon as possible.

Heck, Halloween hasn’t even happened yet and we’re already starting the onslaught of Christmas-themed nonsense? Next, we’ll have Christmas music on every possible radio station by the autumn equinox. It is absurd to think that the Lexus “December to Remember” Sales Event should start before its namesake month even begins, but yet the trend is to constantly ramp up Christmas as soon as humanly possible.

Christmas isn’t the only thing to receive this treatment. Halloween candy sales pop up alongside Back To School shopping in August. Doesn’t it seem ridiculous to purchase Zombie Skittles just in time for them to get stale on the 31st of October? Speaking of Back to School shopping, signs for it pop up in July. What a patriotic tradition!

It’s gotten so bad that we have taken the day of Thanksgiving, a literal tradition of humbleness and satisfaction with what one already has in their life, is now associated with everyone getting into their cars as soon as the family finishes the pumpkin pie and booking it to Target to camp outside for the chance to fight for a discounted television.

Overall, it is totally flabbergasting as to how we have let companies sucker us into getting swept up with the latest holiday season months in advance, completely corrupting the legitimate reasons that made these special occasions worthwhile in the first place. It is downright idiotic to continue to sit idly by while corporations fool us with this disgraceful dogma about how we’ve just got to get the latest and greatest chocolate box or whatever other seasonal good is sold at an inflated price.