How To Make Virtual Learning Feel Like School

Tips and tricks to help you adjust to your new environment


Lilly Hoy, Section Editor, Writer

It’s safe to say that most students and teachers are trying to adapt to virtual learning. For some of us, it is still difficult to change into a new habit. Being in school in-person can put you in a different mindset than being at home; you are probably more productive during in-person school and more relaxed at home. This is because your brain associates school with getting work done and home with time to unwind after a long day. If you are having trouble adjusting to home learning, here are some tips that might help you out.

Get ready like you normally would on a regular school day- to help you get up and put you in a work mode, try getting ready like a normal school day. If you normally wake up an hour early for school and take a shower, then do just that. Try not to roll out of bed and start school from there. Putting on clothes that aren’t pajamas will make you less tired. This will help put you in a schedule and feel like it’s just any old normal day of the week.

Set up a special place to learn in your house- sitting in bed probably won’t do you any good, and you’ll be more tempted to put your computer down and take a nap. If you have a place in your house away from your bed where you can sit down at a desk or a table and have all your supplies are there in one place, just for school, it can help you to put yourself in a school mindset, too.
Get up and walk around every passing period- sitting static at one place for six hours will definitely tire you out mentally. So every passing period or free time you have, get up and grab a snack, get a glass of water, take a lap around your house, stretch or take a bathroom break. This can help you get energized and prepare you for another 40 minutes of sitting.

Make sure you eat lunch at the same time every day- since you can’t take naps during school, your body is going to need energy somehow. Eating a good meal at the same time every day can help put you on a schedule and give you something you can look forward to.

Hopefully, these tricks will help you be more productive and feel like you are at a proper school. Remember we are all getting used to this format so it might take time for you to get feeling motivated. Everyone learns differently, so what might work best for you might not work for your friends. Finding what works best for you and sticking to it, can make everything feel more normal.