Quarantine Affecting Mental Health

Jack Murrie, News Editor

With the COVID-19 pandemic now forcing citizens to quarantine themselves in their homes weeks or months. This brings up how cabin fever might affect the mental health of those people stuck in their homes. The pandemic has already made a lot of people start to panic buying everything in the store. The actual reason people start to panic buy is because it gives them a sense of control during the situation, in this case the COVID-19 outbreak. As the panic settles and we are isolated in our homes cabin fever will start. This means that some people may become ‘stir crazy’ from being isolated or feeling claustrophobic from being in the same space for certain an extended period of time. If you add in growing teenagers, what can happen to their mental health. They cannot hangout with their friends, go out to eat, or travel. All there is to do is watch Netflix, listen to spotify, and do E-Learning. It will only get worse if the time for isolation and quarantine gets extended, because for High school Seniors it will interfere with their final season of spring sports, Prom, and Graduation. With athletes possibly having their final season cancelled is soul crushing because of the work put in during the off season, and not seeing their friends on the team. Also having the thought of possibly not having a graduation ceremony is the worst feeling because that is all seniors look forward to the most. Trying to stay positive at this time is very difficult for a lot of students and parents but we have to be there for each other and support one another. We are in this together.