Spotify Wrapped


As 2019 comes to end Spotify users everywhere are looking out for their Spotify Wrapped. Spotify Wrapped provides a window into what bands and artists the user has listened to the most in the year. Even showing how many minutes the user has listened to. Since the decade is over there is even a way for users to see an overview of the decade and how their music taste has changed. Each user has a unique playlist of their top songs of 2019. Everyone was eager to find out what songs were their most played songs and how many minutes they spent in 2019 listening to music. 

It was fun to see how much my music taste changed and I was surprised to see I listened to a certain artist as much as I did. Other Spotify users including myself were embarrassed to see the top artists because I did not think I was that big of a fan of some bands as much as I am. As 2020 approaches users now have Spotify wrapped 2020 to look forward to.