Holiday Movies of 2019


The holiday season has just begun, with Thanksgiving in a few weeks and December right around the corner, new holiday movies are coming out. Every year, new movies come out trying to create a joyful film that will stay in people’s hearts throughout the year. With Hollywood lacking in memorable holiday movies in recent years, they are in need of new flicks for people to enjoy.

One of the movies that has been released is titles A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish. This movie stars Laura Morano, best known for her role as Ally in the Disney channel show Austin & Ally. It’s in theaters and on DVD currently, but will be placed on Netflix on December 1. Another movie that came out this year is Klaus, a Netflix original that made an appearance on November 15.  

There are multiple movies also coming out on different television networks this year. Christmas Under the Stars airs November 22, on the Hallmark Channel, Grounded for Christmas airs December 8, on Lifetime, and When Calls the Heart Christmas also airing on the Hallmark Channel coming out on Christmas day, December 25. 

The holiday season is underway and multiple movies are trying to recreate the magic of the holidays with their movies. Hopefully we can get some good ones this year and be able to rewatch for years to come.