The Truth About November 1st

Kaylie Smith, Web Content Manager and Design Coach

With November 1st rolling around, the urgency to apply to colleges is obvious. Seniors are stressing to get applications in on time, and more often than not are putting it before their mental health and current school work. November 1st doesn’t mean life or death for your future. If you don’t have it figured out before this month is over, it doesn’t mean you ruined your chances.

Students who are passionate about going to college most likely spent their high school career pushing themselves to get good grades and be more than the average student. A date doesn’t define you. Although, applying by that date may give you an upper hand over other applicants, you can still apply.

A lot of parents didn’t experience the same stressors that high school students today go through. For many, they believe that if you don’t get your application in by November 1st you can’t apply. Rolling admission and regular decision are still options seniors have. If you’ve put in the effort and have a lot to show for your success as a student thus far, colleges will see that.

The last thing you want to do is submit an application without putting your best foot forward. Don’t rush through it and take an opportunity away from yourself that you deserve. Take the time to make sure that you’re represented in your application, and that the person reading your essay understands who you are.

Additionally, college is something that over the years has grown importance and is pushed on everyone. Without college it’s thought that you can’t be successful. If college isn’t for you that’s okay. There’s the workforce, trades school, or maybe a family company you already work for that takes college out of the question.

As much as this will make me a hypocrite, don’t over-stress yourself. You can do this, and no matter what happens you’ll find your college, or career one way or another.