Is it Winter Already?


Kaylie Smith, Web Content Manager and Design Coach

Seeing temperatures barely reaching forty, we all thought that we had skipped fall, and jumped straight into winter this year. Thankfully, last weekend we finally got the fall weather we deserved; partly cloudy skies, mid-sixties, and a small breeze. The smell of dying leaves filled the air as they began to transition to a burnt orange color. The advertisements for Halloween candy and other products began to take over the front of stores, and places, such as Richardson’s, are packed in with people.

If the winter weather had actually been here to stay, there’d be a huge damper on this fall season.  It would be too cold for hay rides, fall hikes, or even being outside long enough to enjoy yourself. Kids would have to put on layers upon layers of winter apparel over their cute costumes in order to survive the frigid temps on Halloween. What’s the point of dressing up if you have to cover up? As the years go on, it seems to get colder and colder earlier in the year.

Go take advantage of this fall weather while it’s here. Who knows when it’ll leave, and before you know it, we will be stuck living below zero.