7 Ways To Get Ready For Halloween

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

Sophia Gesmundo, A&E Editor

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  • Carve a pumpkin- this is a cheap and easy way to get in the Halloween spirit and gather a group of friends or family together for some fun.  
  • Go to a haunted house- even those who scare easily should experience the thrill at least once each Halloween season.

    Courtesy of Pintrest

  • Read ghost stories or haunting facts with friends- with many books and websites full of scary stories and facts, there is lots of creepy content available. 
  • Go on a haunted tour- just a few towns over, the Waukegan History Museum has a free guided walking tour on Saturday, October 26 where one can learn some strange and haunted stories of the town’s past.
  • Have a scary movie marathon- gather some friends, pop some popcorn, wear your most festive Halloween pajamas and start-up Netflix. 

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

  • Get a themed drink- with so many cafés around us, the possibilities are endless. Whether you like coffee, tea, sweet, or bitter, there is something out there for everyone
  • Read up on the history of Halloween!