Why Thrifting Is Great


When thinking of thrift stores the first things to come to mind are stained t-shirts, worn out jeans, and dusty shoes. And yes that is what the majority of items on the racks are. There is so much more to thrift stores because among tainted treasures are great sweaters, vintage pants, and quality shoes that you can find for low prices. You just need to know where to look and when.
At first shopping for used clothes is pretty intimidating.There are thousands of shirts just on the racks, and I don’t know where any of them have come from. Just the thought that a complete stranger wore this shirt would make a lot of people feel like it’s unsanitary. If you can get past that then thrifting is a fun hobby. The hunt for finding something that is one of a kind is a thrill like no other. When I find a pair of shoes that are worth over $100 and I pay under $10, it’s an amazing feeling. Why wouldn’t I want to buy it? Or a trendy Tommy Hilfiger shirt that retails for about $40 yet I can get it for $3. While finding cool items is a plus, by thrifting items you will also be keeping landfills clean, giving neat finds a new home.
There are plenty of odd things to find at thrift stores too, which is always fun. One of the most bizarre things I have found was a t-shirt that said ‘alumni of awesome.’ Wouldn’t that imply the former owner used to be awesome and now they are not? Another time there was a pair of rainbow heels that looked like something straight out of a candy store. There are always fun and interesting things that fill the wonderful racks on thrift stores. So the next time you go to the thrift store enjoy your time, while doing good for the world.