Reading Is Fun

Faith Conway, Managing Sports Editor

I remember when I used to read every night before bed and hope to get to the next chapter before my mom told be lights out.

Somewhere along the way in middle school I would continue to carry my silent reading book around with me everywhere and SSR in class was always fun.

Then high school came around. I got to read in English class every once in a while but half the time it was our class book. Then all of a sudden I went on my phone before bed or fell asleep right away.

When did I get too busy, too old, too tired to read?

Reading books is a get away – it transports you to a whole new world if you let it. Let the book take you in and you can become a part of the authors story. You can picture your own characters and settings.

Reading allows you to take a break from the real world and go somewhere new and exciting that you never want to leave.

This year I go to the library during my study hall and if I have no homework or finish it early I like to pick up a book and read.

No matter how old we get or how smart we are, reading is universal and we shouldn’t; we can’t let it disappear for good.