Movie Review – Little


The movie Little is a family-friendly film with hilarious and happy scenes.

Starring Regina Hall, Issa Rae, Marsai Martin, and more, Little is the story of tech legend Jordan Sanders and her crumbling company.

Sanders is about to lose her biggest client and needs a  new game pitch asap.

Unfortunately, her mean and selfish personality takes over her life and pushes people away both in and out of work.

When in an encounter with a little girl, a spell is put on her and in the morning Sanders wakes up little again.

Instead of being a 38 year old power holder, she is a miserable seventh grader back in her middle school.

After her horrible middle school experience for herself, Jordan is afraid to let herself be vulnerable again in fear of falling to bullies.

Unable to drink, drive, or use her money in the desired way; Sanders has a hard time transitioning back to the young life.

Along the way she has the help of her assistant April to guide her through the mishap of being little.

Sanders learns many life lessons from this experience and the movie Little is definitely worth your time.