Artist You Should Know: Scotty Sire

Kelly Scheuring, Editor-in-Chief

Mostly known from Youtube and a frequent guest on David Dobrik’s vlogs, Scotty Sire is an up and coming artist. Growing up in Orange County, California, Sire started off on the app Vine, creating 6 second videos all for fun with his long-time friend Toddy Smith. His witty personality has drawn millions of people to his platforms to get to know the real Scotty Sire.

Sire has been apart of Youtube for multiple years and his passion for music led him to release several singles and his latest album, “Ruin Your Party” in October of 2018. This was his first ever album and it really showed a different side of him that is not shown through the camera.

“This is my first album, which I felt was important to self-fund and put my heart and soul into,” Scotty explains, “There’s a stigma in the entertainment industry right now placed on digital creators like me; that we aren’t legitimate talent, that we don’t take art seriously, and that we don’t put work into our craft. With this album, I hope to prove myself as a true artist, musician and composer — not just someone who creates ‘YouTube music’,” stated Sire in an article on his website.

Sire’s music is filled with sounds of hip-hop and alternative-pop. Using music as his outlet, Sire writes songs about many different topics. Some are light-hearted and happy but others turn to a darker side. These “dark” songs touch on depression, anxiety and issues that he has gone through.

Scotty Sire is rising on the charts and just finished his first tour all over the U.S. His most recent album is streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. Keep a look out for his fun and different music.