Grammy Overview

Jason Volpe, Staff Reporter

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The 2019 Grammy’s took place on February 10. This years Grammys had about 20 million viewers watching at once. Hosted by Alicia Keys, who also performed at the Grammys this year along with others such as Cardi B, Post Malone, Lady Gaga etc. The Grammys is filled many accomplishments of artists within the whole music community from the past year. Here are some of the winners from this years Grammys. Record of the year and Song of the year was “This is America” by Childish Gambino. Album of the year was “Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves. The best new artist is Dua Lipa. Best rap song was “God’s Plan” by Drake. Best Rap album is Invasion of Privacy by Cardi B. Many more contenders and winners were announced that night but these are just a few of the most popular ones.