Bird Box Challenge and its Imminent Danger

Andrew Butler

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Over the last several years, millenials and young adults have found interest in some of the most random yet intriguing challenges, such as the water bottle flip, Tide Pod, cinnamon, and In My Feelings challenges. But after Netflix released Birdbox on December 13, scenes from the movie went viral all over social media. The movie was successful, getting the attention of viewers who spread memes and clips of Bird Box. But what exactly is the Bird Box Challenge? It’s a dare where people wear a mask or blindfold over their face and try going about their daily lives.

At first this game was perceived as fun and innocent but things quickly turned for the worst. On January 11, a 17 year-old driver in Utah crashed her car into another vehicle as she was performing the Bird Box Challenge. The Layton Police Department say that the driver hit another car while driving her “pickup truck at about 35 mph”; she covered her eyes with a beanie hat while she was driving. After she sideswiped the car, her collided into a light pole and a barrier. Police are releasing warnings insisting that people drive responsibly and safely. But it’s not just the police that are interviewing and cracking down on the challenge.

Netflix and YouTube are also warning their users to stop acting out this viral dare. Netflix recently tweeted on January 2 “PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE” in hopes of preventing people to get injured.

With this, please stay safe. Don’t risk your life to perform daily tasks. You never know what could happen to you and you may put your life and the lives of others in danger.