Fast Five: Fall Fashion Trends

Ideas & Inspiration for Your Fall Fashion 🍂🌰☕


Photo by Marcus Tondo, courtesy of Vogue

Loewe Fall 2018 Fashion Show

Colin McElduff, News Editor / Business Manager

     As the mornings grow darker and the taste of a perfect pumpkin spice latte becomes ever more enticing, the fashion trends of this festive season are in full swing. Designers all the way from Balenciaga to Zara have set the styles this season as a response to both to contemporary global affairs and the reoccurring themes in fashion. For Fall 2018 the major trends to watch for are militarism, 80’s, western, plaid/checkered, and florals.


  • Western Aesthetic

    • Diverging from other contemporary silhouettes and designs, the western aesthetic is often displayed with denim, leather, suede or shearling pieces, corduroy, embroidered or hand-knitted pieces, and prairie style dresses.

  • Militarism & Uniformity

    • Though a major part of 80’s style, collections across the board had a major emphasis on this specific fashion trend with monochromatic looks, shoulder pads, jackets, and combat boots.

  • Plaid & Checkered Design

    • Beloved by many, plaid and checkered prints were seen in almost every major collection though varying in style, color, and accompanying pieces.

  • Floral Prints

    • Florals? In Fall? Groundbreaking. While not typically associated with the cooler seasons, florals were seen as either detailing or complete pieces in numerous shows and were usually accompanied by a dark background or separate piece.