Spring Fashion 2018

Anna Polak, Staff Reporter

Here are some things to wear as it begins to warm up this spring.



Lightweight, and still warming. Windbreakers are the perfect way to waterproof your outfit during April Showers.


Graphic Tees:

Fun and simple, graphic tees are a trend worn among high schoolers daily that will never go.



Pastels have been around for a while, and they are here to stay. The light colors have been seen everywhere, from high schools, to runways.


Floral Print:

Many say that April showers bring May flowers, so why not celebrate the beautiful weather by having flowers printed on your shirt.


Bell Sleeves:

Bell Sleeves are the best way to add extra flair to your spring outfits. Lightweight and airy, your arms won’t feel constricted when it is warm out.


Ankle Boots with Heels:

Just because the weather is warming doesn’t mean boot season is over yet. Ankle boots are the perfect subtle way to add extra flair to an outfit, without causing you to overheat.