Jumping into Girls Basketball


Photo Courtesy of Sara Smith

One of the Lakes Girls Basketball captains, Sara Smith

Kelly Scheuring, Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Editor

The Lakes Community High School girls basketball team jumps right into their season. The girls are currently 5-8, leading with good offense yet not making their shots. Sara Smith and Mia Edwards are the captains that are taking the lady eagles to victory. The girls are facing rough teams but are slowly moving up in the rankings. They started their season off with a small rough patch of 0-5.

Last year, we started 2-9 and got to 17 wins. That season, we were one minute away from tying the school record for wins which was set the previous year at 18,” said head coach Brian Phelan.

Although the girls are getting better as the season moves on. As a team they are embracing the journey that they are on. They have a strong team and are getting stronger each day.