How is a Dance Theme Decided?

Throughout a student’s high school experience, there are many dances to attend with various themes. We often take for granted the effort that the student body and staff put into these dances. So, have you ever wondered how a theme is chosen?

Tiffany Chilcote, who is the prom committee advisor about how she and the prom committee decide on them for prom. Chilcote was asked her first step was in choosing the theme for prom this year.

“To get ideas we brainstorm what decorations we like and are feasible and we base the theme ideas off those items we’d like to include.”

This shows how there is a legitimate process to narrowing down the them for a dance.

“We also send out a survey to get an idea of what student body would like to see for prom. Student voice is important to us,” Chilcote said.

All dances are important to the student body but the most important by far is prom. Much dedication goes into deciding a theme for a dance, especially the most important one of the year. Prom committee has been planning since the very beginning of this school year, months in advance. One of Chilcote’s main goals for this prom is that she wants to it “to be a memory students look back on and remember forever.” So the next time you are at a school dance do not take all of the themed decorations for granted and take into consideration the effort and dedication put into making it look the way it does.