What is Tech Campus?

Tech Campus is a two hour class at the College of Lake County during the school day from 1-3 pm. Tech Campus is an extension of many high schools throughout Lake County for high school students to attend for specific careers. The Tech Campus is regarded as one of the best technical education career facilities in the midwest.

Classes run five days a week, in three sessions, with different schools in each session. Each class allows for a hands-on realistic experience for highschool students looking to get a head start on a future career such as, construction, business, engineering, law and security, cosmetology, culinary arts, and much more. Tech Campus is also partnered with multiple colleges such as the University of Florida, Michigan Tech, University of Iowa, University of Illinois, and many more and allows for the opportunity to earn college credit and little or no cost. Tech Campus has around 1,600 students and allows you to meet new people with similar interest as yourself from all around Lake County.