Three Million Dollars of Marijuana in Round Lake

Nathan Battaglia, Business Manager

A woman from Round Lake, IL was arrested on October 7; Police found an estimated of three million dollars of marijuana in her home and in her storage unit. In addition, possession of cannabis, she is being charged of unlawful weapon possession, unlawful possession of ammo, and child endangerment. The woman, Maria T. Villa- Mauleon, is currently held in Lake County Jail with a bail set at one million dollars. Round Lake Police raided her home and storage unit; finding 600 pounds of marijuana, an AR-15 assault rifle, three boxes of ammunition, and items used to create fake passports. Villa-Mauleon was charged with child endangerment since there were teenagers living in the house where people that were distributing drugs were located. She is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on November 9th.