Winter Needs


Photo by Kelly Scheuring

A warm blanket will keep you cozy and warm for winter

Kelly Scheuring, A&E Editor

Here are some items to help you out when mother nature is not on your side and it decides to be as cold as Antarctica.

Warm jacket: 

A jacket will keep the cold out and the heat in. Look for the big, puffy and fleece lined jackets; those are the ones crucial for the harsh winds and winter snow.


A pair of gloves or mittens will be necessary items to have. While you are outside cleaning the heavy snow off your car or walking into school, gloves are a good idea. They keep your hands from getting frostbite and frozen.


Having a good ol’ hat is something to keep your head dry from the snow. It also will keep your head warm because most of the warmth of your body escapes from your head.


To keep your feet and toes toasty warm, get a pair of boots. Whether they are snow boots or Uggs, if you decide to go with  a pair of Uggs or fleeced lined boots, make sure to waterproof them before you wear them. Having a pair of boots will keep your feet from getting wet and cold. Walking around with wet shoes and socks all day is not fun so keep your feet dry by getting a warm pair of boots.

Car Brush/Scraper: 
As the snow falls onto your car, you definitely do not want to clean it off with a towel or your hands. A car brush will brush away your worries. One end has a convenient brush to get off the snow and the other end has a scraper to get off ice. Although using the end with the scraper could scratch your car depending on how hard you are scraping, having this utensil will help with the snow.


When in your house, you want to have a warm and inviting atmosphere for yourself and guests. To get that feel, try lighting a couple of candles. They will make your house smell nice with different scents and will heat it up a little. Candles give you a calming sensation, they make you feel warm and settled. You can find some great scents at Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle.

Fuzzy blankets: 

As you cuddle up onto the couch for the night, you want something to keep you cozy. Having a big, fuzzy blanket will do the trick. A blanket makes you feel safe and warm. So go out and get one for the winter days.