Coping Mechanisms & Advice


As the end of the school year comes up, finals are almost here once again. Many students are getting stressed out and trying to cram in every unit of work they possibly can. Not everyone feels the same, but sometimes all people need is just a little helpful advice from their peers to be able to relate to. No one is alone in this even though it may feel like it. 

Students all around Lakes Community High School have a variety of coping mechanisms and advice for others. 

 “I typically take breaks for my mental health in between studying. I make sure to get enough sleep and stay hydrated,” says Bonnie Hoover, a sophomore. This is something vital that everyone should know because it will be a much better help than trying to concentrate with a headache from dehydration. Hoover also said that the most important piece of advice she can give is “just to make sure to take care of yourself in general because that’s most important when you get really stressed out”. 

Just as Hoover did, re-instating taking care of yourself is especially important during this time since the end of the year is usually run on little sleep, and studying the entire night before tests. 

A junior named Joel Kober said, “I really like to listen to music and do art. I also like going on walks, going outside, and just hanging out with people, which is all a stress reliever”. His advice is to “just do what you like best” which is not only good for finals, but also when school can be stressful in general. 

Music is very therapeutic for many students around the school as it has been common in what people are saying is one of their main coping mechanisms. 

A freshman named Hannah Vaccaro also states that one of her main coping mechanisms is listening to music. However, many other things also seem to keep her busy like “looking forward to summer break and hanging out with friends”. Her advice to others is to “stay on top of assignments because falling behind can lead to even more stress”. 

On the other hand, some people have a very different approach to dealing with end-of-the-year anxieties. Whatever works best is most important, though. 

“I like to turn on the TV, get some snacks, and watch Dora on repeat,” said Krish Patel, a junior. Even though it may not be the healthiest thing to do, it is probably the most enjoyable. Some advice he has for the finals is to “just go into it with confidence and know you got this”. 

Whether it be hanging out with friends, listening to music, or even just putting on a favorite TV show to watch, everyone finds different ways to cope with the stress of high school. Even though finals are important and play into a semi-large portion of people’s grades, the most important thing to remember is that the grade does not define anyone.